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See Us on Social Media

We’ve been steadily building our social media presence, across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the last year. And it’s paying off! As a result of this investment, we’ve seen our following grow across each platform. It’s also sparked some great online conversations, with those butchers and farm shops who’ve fully embraced social media as a way to market their own businesses.

Why not share the love?

Many butchers have been sharing photos on social media of our products dressed for sale, or their counters freshly packed ready for business. It’s so rewarding to see Packington Free Range products on their way to customers, and to see the effort that goes into your butcher and farm shop counters. If you’d like to share your hard work, why not upload a photo to your social media pages? Tag us in the image and we’ll share it with our followers, too.  You could even ask your customers to do the same!

Connecting with new customers

We’ve also found social media is a great place to connect with food bloggers and end customers who really love our products. So much so, that we’re finding tasty looking photos of Packington Free Range Chicken and Pork products popping up all over social media. We’ve shared some of our recent favourites.


If you’re interested in partnering up for a promotion or campaign via social media, please email with details of what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll be in touch.


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