Four Generations of my Family have Tended this Land & Reared Livestock on these Fields


Our passion for rearing pork and poultry to the very highest standard of care and welfare has never dimmed. In fact, for my brother Rob and me, it burns more keenly than ever before.

We’re committed to providing our animals with an environment that meets their needs; space, food, water and psychological needs too. To us, creating a stimulating environment that enables the animals to exhibit their natural behaviour is very important.

The Freedom Food scheme covers every stage of a pig’s life, from the handling, to how they’re transported and finally slaughtered. Each stage is governed by strict and compulsory RSPCA welfare standards and we’re very proud to be a part of it.

In 2011 we were awarded the Good Chicken Award and Good Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming. TV’s ‘The Hairy Bikers’, acknowledged our caring ethos and described Packington Free Range chickens as “some of the happiest in Britain!”