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Packington Free Range scoops seven 2019 Great Taste Awards

Described by The Telegraph on Sunday as “the Oscars of the food industry,” the wait for the Great Taste Award results is always a tense one in the Packington Free Range office. But this week, we finally got the news we’ve been waiting for and we’re overjoyed to reveal we’ve received a staggering SEVEN awards.

That includes two (yes two!!) coveted three star awards; one for our Free Range Pork Shoulder and one for our Free Range Whole Loin. We’re particularly thrilled with these, since only 2% of entries are awarded three-stars every year. Explaining their rating system, Great Taste said three-star products are, “Exquisite, extraordinarily tasty foods. Don’t leave the shop without buying them!”

What the experts say

It’s not just the stars that count though. With an expert judging panel that includes top chefs, restaurant critics and all round foodie heavyweights, we’re just as proud of the comments and praise heaped on our products.

Commenting on the Free Range Whole Pork Loin, the judges said, “A great-looking joint with a stunning topside of crackling. The fat runs through this especially well, and there is a lot of juiciness here. An easy carve. This looks like it has come from a happy, healthy pig. We taste natural sweetness here – a great plus – along with an authentic porky flavour. This is also wonderfully moist, with a melting quality to the fat. The crackling, meanwhile, is sinfully delicious. A top product.”

Another judging table added, “We couldn’t think of how to improve this, we loved it and could tell it was a well-reared pig. Fabulous!”

On the Free Range Pork Shoulder, the judges noted, “A tender looking cut with a fabulous distribution of fat. The crackling melts in the mouth – addictively indulgent; an award-winner in itself. The meat beneath is also meltingly good and non-chewy. Blissfully so, in fact. We could find no fault with this product.”

Rob, John and the entire team have worked tirelessly to deliver the highest possible standards, welfare and quality. It’s great to see that hard work pay off!

What else did we win?

Likewise, we’re equally chuffed with our five other Packington Free Range products which scooped one and two star awards. No mean feat in an increasingly crowded and competitive food market.

Alec took the decision at Christmas to begin rearing Bronze Free Range Turkeys. Given his years of experience with Chickens and Cockerels it felt like a natural progression, but not one without its risks. Perseverance pays off and in his first year of production, Alec’s been awarded a one-star award for his Bronze Turkey. That puts his Turkeys in good company; Great Taste describes one-star winning products as “Simply delicious. Approximately 25% of entries will achieve this rating each year.” With a start like that in year one, the future certainly looks bright!

Judging the Turkey, the panel said, “Visually striking, this bronze turkey is an impressive size, with a golden skin and glossy finish. The turkey has tender succulent leg meat with a full flavour.” Another commented, “Judges felt that this sweet fleshed turkey had led a happy life, and the flavour shone through.”

Alec also entered his Free Range Chicken Fillets and Free Range Chicken Thighs, both of which have won one star. The judges described the thighs as, “A juicy-looking product with a golden skin. This has a good bite, with plenty of moisture and chicken flavour. These are also good sized portions.”

We also received a one-star award for our Free Range Pork Belly Slices and a two-star, for our Free Range Whole Leg of Pork. Two stars are awarded to “less than 10% of entries,” and to food that is, “Outstanding. Above and beyond delicious.”

Where can I buy Packington Free Range?

All of our award-winning products are available via your local Packington Free Range butcher, farm shop or deli. Please click here to use our store locater. For those customers requiring home delivery, you can buy online via our shop or Ocado.

Special thanks to the Great Taste team and our own Sales Manager, Steve Tolley who hand delivered all of our products to the Great Taste judging panel to ensure they arrived in perfect condition!



Packington Free Range | Born and reared outdoors. Always.