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Enjoy Valentine’s Day with our Romantic Recipe

Whether you’ve already found that special someone or are trying to impress a new Valentine, a romantic meal for two is often the order of the day on February 14th, and we’ve put together a recipe that perfectly suits the occasion.

While Oysters and champagne are often recognised as foods of love, our recipe for Chicken Fillets Stuffed with Taleggio & Basil Wrapped in Parma Ham Salad contains some unexpected aphrodisiacs in the form of raspberries and basil.

Research has shown basil to stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. A hint of basil instantly gives food a delicious Italian twist – perhaps why Italians are famously romantic?! The raspberries, found in the salad of rocket, nectarines, avocado and tomatoes, are the colour of love, and the high vitamin C content works to stimulate the central nervous system and induce the sexual appetite.

Deceptively simple to make, this dish will prove that food really might be the way to your partner’s heart this Valentine’s Day.  Taking only 20 minutes to prepare, you’ll still have plenty of time to get yourself ready, even if you’re cooking after work on the night itself (which falls on a Tuesday).

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