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Here at Packington Free Range, we wanted to reassure all our customers, that in the current coronavirus outbreak, as ever, we are working hard to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.

The virus is not food borne. It can only be transmitted through close contact with someone who is infected. We have no instances of the virus amongst our staff.

As a food and distribution company, we take hygiene extremely seriously as a matter of course. We frequently receive compliments from our butchers that our drivers and vans are the cleanest in the business. As with all areas of our business, we are committed to best practice across health, safety and hygiene.

All of our vans are thoroughly cleaned down on a daily basis. Our drivers wear freshly laundered garments every day. In light of the current situation, all our vans are being stocked with additional hand sanitiser and hygiene gloves.

Each of our food processors and packaging manufacturers already adhere to the highest hygiene protocol standards.

We’re communicating with our staff on a daily basis, communicating guidelines daily, and monitoring the situation extremely closely, ready to respond if required.

We would like to reassure our butchers and farm shops, that given the dramatic increase in demand, we are currently prioritising those existing Packington Free Range customers. We will not taking on any new accounts to ensure our the stock availability we have is distributed to our long-standing, loyal customers.

We very much appreciate your help and understanding in this uncertain time.

Packington Free Range