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A visit from Winshill Primary School

Last month, staff and pupils from Winshill Village Primary School in Burton on Trent visited us for a day of activities including bug hunting, making wild flower bookmarks, sound maps, clay goblin face-making, trailer rides and more.

We had a great day and judging by this giant card we received from the year 4 class who visited, they did too:

“I liked the tractor because it was really bumpy”

“My favourite part was where we went to the woods and we made clay faces. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Thanks for showing us around.”

“Thank you so much for all the fun my favourite bit was the bookmark”

“My favourite activity at the farm was the bug hunt because I saw different bugs and creatures and it was fun”

“My Favourite thing that I enjoyed was the food game” “I like the bookmark because it was so fun and creative”