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A parade of pigs in Lichfield

What could be a more perfect association for us here at Packington Free Range, than a local festival that’s going to see a parade of pigs?

We are excited to announce that in 2011 Packington Free Range is sponsoring the annual Lichfield Festival which is now in its 30th year. The festival is an annual celebration of music, literature, drama and art which runs for ten days from the 6th-17th July.

We have been in Lichfield to organise and help with the arrival of thirty model pigs ahead of the festival starting on the 6th July. Between now and July they will be individually decorated by school and community groups before being auctioned to raise money for charity.
The pigs are very lifelike and will look superb when they are finished. We are sure everyone will have loads of fun decorating them and hopefully, they will raise some good money in the auction at the end of the festival, which is being overseen by Charles Hanson from BBC’s Bargain Hunt. But before that, they’ve all got to be found, as they will be hiding out in various locations in and around Lichfield – so keep your eyes peeled!

As part of the sponsorship, we will be opening the farm up to visitors during the Festival. Schools taking part will have the opportunity to come and look around our farm and see how we look after our pigs. This is first time sponsorship for us and we cannot wait for it to begin.