Packington Free Range Bronze Turkeys

We are passionate about our Free Range Poultry, and although we have always focused on Free Range Chickens and Cockerels, we were repeatedly been asked by our customers, “Why don’t you do Free Range Turkeys?” Demand from our customers for us to produce Free Range Turkeys has risen in recent years, so in 2018 we took the decision to get involved.

As with all our Poultry, it is imperative to us that our Bronze Turkeys are reared to the same high standards you’ve come to expect from Packington Free Range. As a result, we have decided to rear Turkeys without compromise. Our family have farmed in the heart of rural Staffordshire since 1930. Together, we have a lifetime of working knowledge, passed down from our father, grandfather and great-grandfather. It’s this familiarity with the land, that’s helped us develop our traditional free-range approach to rearing our animals, and passion to provide low-density, environmentally sound and welfare-oriented farms.

We receive our chicks from award-winning breeder Paul Kelly, of Kelly Bronze. Taking them as day-old chicks ensures we are responsible for the welfare of the birds for their entire lives and can guarantee that our high standards have been maintained at all times.

We rear Bronze Turkeys, which have an exceptional reputation for good flavour and succulence, which is perfect for Christmas Day.

The Turkeys are reared outside and have access to our fields of traditional English pasture, as well as having shelter and protection from foxes from our polytunnels.

The Turkeys are reared to an age at which we know maximises the flavour of the bird. Once ready, they are processed in state of the art facilities which are all BRC accredited, and then packaged into individual branded boxes for your convenience, complete with tips and cooking instructions.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed looking after them!

Alec Mercer